Saturday, October 26, 2013


If there's an advice that I'd share with you, it will go something like this:

The world is full of drama and realists, and people will continue to be superficial to each other. Most people are busy-bodies and want something they can get a hold on others. They just want to know, and don't care about how you truly feel. People would want to know WHY you are sad, WHAT's the feud and PRETEND to sympathize. Then, they would spread the stories around. That's how the world is. Well, GENERALLY. And that is SAD.

Don't be heartbroken though. Most people can be mean, but there are some who REALLY and TRULY are angels who'll keep you going. I know mine, and I am grateful they have kept me strong. The good are always around. You don't have to search for them, they will come to you.

Just remember, you can live in this world, and be a part of it, without being superficial. The haters can go ahead and comment that you can't live and only be a nobody without being superficial, but they are WRONG about this.

Be SINCERE, that's what I emphasize on and always tell others. People will see it one day, trust me. No one is a nobody, everyone is a somebody to the people who matters. (:

Yes, they can doubt your sincerity, but let's not let them ruin it alright? Because being sincere is a powerful trait, and nobody can take that away from you.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Summer Holiday Part 2: Next stop - Nottingham

Wearing: Jumpsuit from Kitschen; Sandals from Crocodile;
Cardigan from Padini; Scarf and bag from different markets;
 Necklace and bracelet are gifts from friends.
On my way to the Central Market

It's a huge castle, and has good view too!

The sun was really bright after the rain.
The breeze spreads the fragrance of the beautiful flowers around the area.
Mind you, there were LOTS OF BEES! >.<
With the famous Robin Hood statue.
Wearing dress from a night market;
 scarf and leggings from Bandung factory outlet stores;
bag and necklace from different stalls,
flats from Sembonia.
Wollaton Park

I really love this park. It's too pretty.
BREAK: Inserting my lunch at Loch Finn on the first day in Nottingham.
Let's get back to Wollaton Park. Wollaton Hall.

Lavenders - my fave!

So that pretty much sum up my trip to Nottingham. Bought myself some new outfit from Primark and they were definitely worth it. (((: Summer sales was awesome. I would love to be back there someday, to explore the city thoroughly. I did walked a lot, snapped lotsa pictures and had a wonderful time with my family. I wished the time would stop there, but it didn't. That's reality.