Friday, November 30, 2012

I am Abigail!

I'm sure some of you must have chanced upon or be invited to vote for Abigail by a non-profit organization called More Than Me.

This organization is dedicated in getting the girls off the street and into schools. These girls will be given a chance for education and to contribute to the society in the future. Without education, they might end up with a risk of prostituting themselves and voluntarily become a sex slave, just to survive in this world. It's really sad because while we are born lucky, some aren't. They suffered A LOT just to keep their tummies filled and to keep surviving, and this is something we never go through because we have the means to find a decent job to live.

I VOTED FOR ABIGAIL and I hope you vote too!
Cast your vote at this website: and like More Than Me facebook page! Join THIS EVENT too! Let's help to get the girls off the street and give them a chance to learn like us!

I couldn't write it on my forehead for I still have to attend hospital postings,
so I'm writing it on my notebook, where I jot down all the notes! (:
Details about Abigail is taken from Bloggers Against Social Injustice:
"Abigail was an orphan in West Point, Liberia. You may have read her letter in a previous article here on the Huffington Post. At six, she was left with prostitutes. She learned to work the streets in order to get access to drinking water and food. Education was not an option.

Then Abigail met Katie Meyler, the founder of More Than Me, an organization dedicated to getting girls off the streets and into schools. Katie and Abigail became fast friends, and More Than Me has raised the money to put Abigail through school. She is learning to bake, and aspires to one day be a Senator, so she can, in turn, help other girls like her.

 So, why are all these people also “Abigail”? Abigail could be you. Abigail could be your sister, your niece, your student, or your neighbor. Remember, we live in a global community; there is no “me” without “we”, Abigail is because you are, and you are because Abigail is." 

Abigail's message to the world:

Dear World, 

My name is Abigail. I'm 13-years-old. I live in West Point, Liberia. I don't know my parents... I was left with prostitutes when I was six-years-old. They took care of me, but life was hard. Often, I didn't have a place to sleep or food to eat. I never went to school. And I would often sleep at a video club so men could find me and then "rent" me for the night. I was abused, both in my mind and body. I didn't feel loved.
When I met the people at More Than Me, my life changed. I have a new home now and food to eat. I'm in school now. I'm happy now. I feel like I have a future now. I feel loved. I've learned how to bake, which helps me earn extra money.
Please help vote for me so I can continue in this new life and stay in school. Your vote is my future. I'll do anything to show you that I'll do my best in school and become something with my life.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Banana Cereal Flakes

A bowl of high-calorie banana cereal flakes that can be served as breakfast or dessert.

I made this out of the blue tonight because I was so hungry, and oh my it tasted really well. -tears of joy-
Conclusion: definitely my energy generator. (:

1. 2 Pisang awak
2. 1/2 bowl of Nestle Fitness cereal - Honey and Almond
3. VSoy

First, I sliced the bananas into thin pieces and then just mix it with the cereal and soya bean. And TADA!! My magical bowl of banana flakes was ready and it made me smile the whole night, not to mention providing me the energy to prepare for my next day posting presentation. (:

For those who are lactose intolerance, soya bean is a good substitute for milk. Of course, it has to be consumed in moderation. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Simply Soft and Simple

Grey tank top from Padini; feather top from P&CO, 
pants bought from Bandung's warehouse, 
necklace and bracelet are gifts from friends,
hairclip from Diva, slippers from Havaianas.

Finally back with an outfit post after such a long time. (: Past few weeks were filled with lotsa experiences, therefore explained my absence. I decided to put on something soft and simple today, partly because I'm feeling much better now since the loss of my grandma and I wanted a relaxing day. I paired a feathery top with a pastel light blue pants (called jeggings), and I'm definitely feeling happier today. (: Initially, I thought of completing the look with heels, but decided to go with a pair of normal slippers to give a simpler and casual look.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beauty is skin deep.

There's so many things I would love to share with you over here, but at the end of the day, it boils down to this:

Picture taken from tumblr.
Aundrey Hepburn has been recognised as a film and fashion icon for many years, even after her demise. Something about her has been gathering my attention all these years, after I watched My Fair Lady. Occasionally, I chanced upon her story in the internet and most of it, I can say, are my inspiration. (:

"Audrey Hepburn spent many years in Africa helping the helpless, yet all the pictures on Tumblr show her as a fashion icon. Fashion passes in a wink, compassion lasts forever."

My granny passed away last Friday. It's been a tough week, but we all have to move on. And I'm sure she doesn't want to see us being sad for a long time. I gave an eulogy during her funeral, and those flashback of memories kept my tears rolling down my cheek, I'll miss her forever. And my granny said something similar as the quote above once upon a time, so yeah.

My cousin, Belinda did a proper fishtail braid for me during my granny's funeral. Mind you, she's only 12 going 13. (: Here it is:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Disney Princesses

Forever an inspiration, forever with an elegance of kindness and forever a beautiful story.

I believe most girls grow up watching Disney, and fall in love with the characters in the story. Even adults can't get enough of Disney because the stories silently reflects the desire we all have - living happily ever after.

Well, I chanced upon this blog "Rockin' Around The Frock" and I love how Harrods showcase the Disney princesses in all the astonishing gowns. I hope all of you enjoy this as much as I do.

I have always love Ariel from The Little Mermaid but currently, I'm totally amazed by Aurora's dress by Elie Saab. I also love Marchesa's Ariel's gown a lot!

Click here to bask in the enchantment of Disney princesses, brought to you by Harrods.

* The blog post "Thank Gown It's Frockday" is written by S with the blog "Rockin' Around the Frock".

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Feline's Rules

1. Rules the house like nobody's business.
2. Sleep everywhere, anywhere that's comfortable and has sunshines.
3.  Know how to cover its eyes when it's too bright.
4. Purrrrr.
5. Maintain self-cleanliness.
6. Stretching as exercise.
7. Find a comfortable pose for picture.
8. Tries hard to keep calm.
9. Having nine lives for more pictures to be taken. :P
Introducing Kitty Kitty Meow Meow, a cat that purrs, keep rats away from the house and lives harmoniously with a mini-pinscher. (:

I'll be back with more style pictures in the next post. Been busy with exams, studies and other stuffs lately.
I've been praying really hard, for miracles to happen, for my grandma to get well. The worst thing about being a medical student is having the knowledge and not being able to do much to help the person I love.

Well, I've submitted a few pieces of my writing to my friend, and was told that it'll be published in a newsletter. (:

That's all for now!
Hope November started out well for everyone out there!