Thursday, November 08, 2012

Feline's Rules

1. Rules the house like nobody's business.
2. Sleep everywhere, anywhere that's comfortable and has sunshines.
3.  Know how to cover its eyes when it's too bright.
4. Purrrrr.
5. Maintain self-cleanliness.
6. Stretching as exercise.
7. Find a comfortable pose for picture.
8. Tries hard to keep calm.
9. Having nine lives for more pictures to be taken. :P
Introducing Kitty Kitty Meow Meow, a cat that purrs, keep rats away from the house and lives harmoniously with a mini-pinscher. (:

I'll be back with more style pictures in the next post. Been busy with exams, studies and other stuffs lately.
I've been praying really hard, for miracles to happen, for my grandma to get well. The worst thing about being a medical student is having the knowledge and not being able to do much to help the person I love.

Well, I've submitted a few pieces of my writing to my friend, and was told that it'll be published in a newsletter. (:

That's all for now!
Hope November started out well for everyone out there!

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