Thursday, August 02, 2012

Trip to Bandung (July 2012)

Sorry for the lack of update for the past 2 weeks. I was in Bandung, Indonesia with my friends. Let the pictures tell you our stories. (Pictures of my friends and I were not shown upon request.)
Hello Bandung!
Gado-gado - A famous Indonesian dish that comprises cooked vegetables and peanut sauce.  It tasted somewhat like Rojak.
The street was out of electricity when we came back at night.
The hotel worker gave us candle for that.
Small souvenir shops that even sell real gemstones. 
The crater of the volcano.

Sari Ater Hotspring. This is the first pool, and it was really really really HOT!
The driver we hired was amused with our reactions.
Horse-riding. He's a 3 years old male horse and I nearly fell off coz he was afraid of  a  tractor.
My riding instructor. It wasn't hard to communicate with him in Indonesian language.
He's really friendly and told me about his life and how they live with ~RM10 each day.
It made me appreciate whatever I have in life.

On the way to Kampung Daun.
Kampung Daun.
It's like a mini tropical forest sanctuary where you dine with the
melodious harmony of rustling of the wind and flow of the stream.
The natural surrounding is so serene and peaceful.
At Kampung Daun.
My dessert. Can't remember its name though. >.<
The cheese and coconut toppings together with the cassava were fabulous.
Had Grilled beef rib before that.
Paris Van Java Mall.
Was so happy I finally satisfied my cravings after 3 long years.
Sour Sally it is.
Avocado cake from Kartika Sari for high tea. (:
My awesomely grilled blackpepper medium done steak.
Jessie James boutique!
Well, I left out all the shopping photos. Frankly, I didn't take much this time. Most pictures seen here are my third/fourth day in Bandung.

I was there 3 years ago. This time, I got to travel the city like a real traveller. Taking angkutan kota (small stuffy mini van) and figuring our ways around the city, while trying hard to talk to the locals in my not-so-fluent-Indonesian language made this trip really memorable. Though the air is polluted, and the cars honk non-stop, we still walked down the street searching for places to explore. The only thing we didn't dare trying was the roadside food. I really didn't want a diarrhoea that could ruin the trip.

There are factory outlets everywhere in Bandung. Though most of the clothes are not of the latest season, it didn't really matter to me. All you ever need is to mix and match at an appropriate time and place. And, that is fashion all about. 

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