Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bloggers Against Social Injustice

I happened to chance upon this blog that put words into actions. Recently, the 3rd Annual Freedom Walk is held in Canada to raise funds for victims of human trafficking. Read it HERE.

If I happened to be there, I would join them, and help them in any way I can. This is one of my dreams - to be able to help people who are in need of help. It touched me that there are people in the world who still really care for the victims.

Being born in Malaysia, a peaceful country, I've grown only to learn about human trafficking, genocide, global hunger, labour exploitation, illegal child adoptions and poor sanitation through news, words of mouth and when I went abroad to study for A-Levels. I'm saddened by all these issues, yet have no idea how can I help these people. All I am capable of is helping out in welfare homes.

Now that there's a platform for us to reach out and lend a helping hand, I'm all for it. And even though the voice here is little, I know it'll build with time, and one day, it'll be known globally.

"Amazing people are within all of us- we just have to see our talents, find our strengths within, take a stand, and make a difference!"
--  Christine
Co-founder & editor in chief of BASI

"Never doubt that a group of thoughtful and committed citizens make a change.  Each one of you in this room are changing our nation(Canada). Even if you don't know it- you are changing history right here today."
 --Shae Invidiata


  1. I'm so happy you are joining BASI! :D And you quoted me! I feel appreciated! :D haha. Following you GFC, Bloglovin, and am your friend on FB!

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    God bless,

  2. Good intention Tiana! God Bless your kind heart =)