Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Outfit


Wearing: Peplum top from a boutique; shawl (gift from mum);
jeans from a factory outlet in Bandung; bag from Bonita;
hairband from a night market 
Massimo Dutti's flats (thanks to my aunt). 

I wore this outfit to a Christmas dinner, minus the shawl at the beginning. The restaurant is pretty chilly so  put it on in the end. I received a Christmas gift too! :D Pardon me for the blurriness of the pics for these are the best two I can find from my Christmas collection. I didn't really take lotsa pictures this Christmas so yeah. 

Those Massimo Dutti flats are so comfy. Seriously it's of top quality! Gotta thanks my aunt for lending it to me that night. I've been trying on different flats and the Massimo Dutti ones are the best I've tried thus far.

PS: This is not an advertisement for Massimo Dutti. The post is purely an opinion of mine. (:


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  2. cute flats :)
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  3. Thanks for visiting dear. I'm following you now. :)
    Btw, awesome outfit. :)