Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Loving that red maxi!

Maxi dress from a FOS in Bandung; gladiator sandals from House of Donatello;
butterfly ring from a boutique; necklace (gift from a friend);
handbag from Bonita.

This was taken two months ago when I was out with my friends after exams. Yeah, life has been flooded with too many exams lately, and one just has to go through it. I have not been blogging lately due to my packed schedule, and my finals is in two weeks time, which means this is gonna be my last post till finals end. 

So there I was, wearing a red maxi dress with my favourite gladiator sandals. I really wished I was somewhere near the sea, enjoying the sea breeze, and the sun rays, and the scent of sea. Well, I'm gonna finish my Year 4 soon, and life is gonna get better after this. (:

Wish me luck! 


  1. Wow nice Maxi!!!looking great! _pikachew

    1. Welcome ^_^ I like that trying to fix your shoe look~ Sexy~~~!

  2. Lovely printed......Suzanne. D'Orléans