Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sideway Braid

Formal top and bag from night market; slack from Melange; hairclip from Diva.
Hair plaited by Ser Lyn.

Last Friday and Saturday were spent helping out with my university convocation. My friend helped me to braid the side of my hair as I was involved in mini performance with a few other people - singing my uni anthem. (: We had to dress up formally for it was a strictly formal event and I had to borrowed an oversized blazer from a guy friend due to last minute notification.

It's pretty easy to tie this kinda braid. You just have to decide which part you wanna plait it up and then braid your hair like usual. Finally, all you need to do it to clip it with a cute clip to secure the braid and add a little touch to the look. :D


  1. You need a tutorial! This is a cute hairstyle!

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  2. this braid looks so cool on u !
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