Thursday, March 07, 2013

Not to be forgotten;

The seemingly insignificant yet important reminders in life:

Mind over matter.
Don't judge.
Be sincere to people and in the things you do.
Be yourself.
How others react is not up to you to decide; you don't react, you respond.

This post is inspired by my friends/people whom I talked/chatted with.
The essence of living is simple. Be yourself. Be sincere. Mind over matter.

Sometimes we may be overloaded with activities and programmes and think that we are actually living as we enjoy those activities. No doubt it is true, we make new friends and gain lotsa experience from the activities. Often, we got so caught up with stuff that we forget how to strike a balance in life. Balance is the word. We get tired if we overexert ourselves. Our immune system starts failing and we get sick. 

So today, take a break. Balance yourself while enjoying the journey of life.

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