Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

Every year passes silently with loud fireworks creating a piece of art in the night sky. Time never wait for us. The very cells that form each and every one of us will age with the passing time and finally, we return to Mother Earth.

So each new year comes with renewed resolution and wishes, new dreams, hopes and unwavering faith. Everything seems renewed or new, but it's just another cycle of repeating what was repeated.

I know I sounded down, but I am totally fine. Just voicing out my thoughts.

So New Year is just like walking down a new path; like the undivided waves that constantly hit the shore, mark it and then disappear silently; like the sun that continues to rise and set. I am grateful to be surrounded by the people who matters to me and care/support me in their own ways.

So here's a piece to my devilish angels:
I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for being a part of such an awesome support system that kept me alive these years. Thanks for making my life colourful. Thanks for showering me with love and trust and sincerity. I'm blessed to know all of you. 

No one is a nobody, everybody is a somebody to the people who matters. So whenever you are down or being trampled on, don't forget that I'm always by your side. Remember that no one can hurt you, for you are the one to decide on that. 


Life is a journey.
People comes from all walks of life.
Some are sweet, but some are nasty.
Just remember, "Those who mind don't matter, those who matter don't mind."
Be sincere.

Life is colourful.
It's a masterpiece that changes every second.
Every stroke that is drawn serves a purpose.
There are happy and sad times,
but those times taught us something valuable.
Always keep that in mind.

Be in peace with yourself.
Don't be distracted easily.
Just believe,
and have faith that things are gonna be okay.
I wish all of you a colourful year ahead. Make every second counts.

Much love.

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