Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Paris: The City of Light and Love!

So here's the long-awaited post, as promised.

It was last year, during my Summer holiday, that I got to visit Paris for the first time in my life. It was an incredible experience, to walk along the streets of Paris and visit the ever famous Eiffel Tower. Let the pictures do the talking.

Inside the Notre Dame de Paris.
Eiffel Tower.
Picture credits to Serena and Sheryl, my two beautiful childhood friends.
Don't miss out the night view of the Eiffel Tower.

Wearing crop top from Kitschen, skirt from Bedazzling, and sandals from Crocodile. 
Certain things are not meant to be seen. XP

The streets of Paris.

I've always love to walk the unknown streets wherever I go. It's fast becoming a habit when I travel.
The Arc de Triomphe side view. 
Front view of the Arc de Triomphe.
Forever an elegant fashion icon.
Walking along the Champ-Elysees.
A truly luxurious shop.
Something I would try the next round I visit Paris again. (:

The famous Notre Dame de Paris. Dream came true. Period.

Loving the exquisite carvings.

Palais Garnier
Monalisa portrait. Another dream came true.
Lunch at Hippopotamus Restaurant. Love their ratatouille.

Wearing this dress from Kitschen.
The shot I love most from Paris.
Credits to Serena for this shot.
So my three days trip to Paris ended in a blink of an eye. Paris is indeed a beautiful city and I wish to explore more of it. I was totally amazed by the architecture of the buildings. Though the sun was scorching hot, the wind neutralizes the heat. I walked to my heart's content, and finally understood why they call it the City of Love.

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